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For the Office

For the Office

Elegant Stationary and Office Supplies

Les Toiles du Soleil has become a part of your everyday life.

From the living room to the garden, the kitchen and dining room all the way to the office Les Toiles du Soleil adds a touch of elegance to your office environs with its stylish stationary and office supplies.

Inspired from the Catalan tradition and the French countryside we have designed a unique decorative series of cute stationary products and quality office accessories such as multi colored notepadsstriped notebooks or workbooks of various sizes, retro stationary accessories, cool pencil cases, mouse pads and other items.

French Stationary Products & Desk Accessories

Les Toiles du Soleil offers a great array of French Stationary Products & desk accessories to adorn your office table, equipment and desk.

The workbooks are composed of a protective transat 100% cotton cloth and all pages are covered with small 17 x 22 cm squares and are available in the multi colored range proposed by Les Toile du Soleil. Brighten your office with the finest desk organization ideas!

The workbooks used as notebooks and diaries, are of size 9 x 14 cm. The protective cover is of transat fabric and all pages are covered in small squares.

Finally the notebooks are printed in the stripes of your choice, with 30 sheets or 60 pages and micro perforations. The pages are filled with lines and the hardcover is glossy matte and foldable.

Online Stationary Store

Visit the office corner of our online stationary store today and pick for your office the best stationary boxes, pencil cases, mouse pads and USB keys. Find the perfect gift ideas from our great selection of quality gift items and buy online the most unique gifts while relaxing in the comfort of your home. Our e-shop allows you to select the most stylish stationary items from one of the best Manufacturers in France and make you loved ones cheer with the click of a button.

Stationary Boxes

Stationary boxes are very practical and trendy. Covered with quality fabric in the colors of Les Toiles du Soleil they come in the standard size of 32 cm x 24 cm and 4.5 cm high. The boxes close with a pretty Ribbon adding an elegant style twist to any office.

Pencil Cases

The multicolored striped Bayadère pencil cases are perfect to keep on the corner of your desk or in your purse as they could be used for your pens, pencils, office accessories or makeup and are easy to handle.  

The USB Keys of Les Toiles du Soleil are very original as they are offered in credit card format and are therefore very easy to slip into the portfolio. With a capacity of 2GB, these USB keys are perfect either to use in the office or carry along with you to use elsewhere.

Our mouse pads are made from recycled CD cases without that effecting their original design and pattern, once again made of 100% cotton fabrics from Les Toiles du Soleil.

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