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Bath towels

Bath towels

How to choose bath towels?

Select and buy your favorite bath linen and beach towels from our sublime range of fabrics!

Our range of 100% cotton bath towels for your bathroom ensure utmost relaxation and well-being. Recreate a SPA experience at home with our maxi French bath towels of 95cm x30cm!

All cotton bath towels are adorned with multicolored bright stripes, bringing a true decorative touch to your bathroom. A touch of energy to your awakening.

If you are wondering just how to choose your bath linens you may first consider the fabric and then the colors. Reflecting the vibrant mood of France, our Catalan fabrics are available in a range of bright colors such as red, blue and orange or in more neutral nuances such as light grey. A chic yet playful result! Pick your towel and brighten your every day with the colors of Les Toiles Du Soleil!

Due to their 100% cotton composition, our towels can be machine washed at 40 degrees without you having to worry about anything! A quality purchase worth making.

Choosing a towel for your bathroom is not always an easy thing.

To properly choose your bath linen and bathroom accessories, there are 3 factors you must consider: the quality, the originality and the price.

When it comes to quality, Les Toiles du Soleil only offers towels of 100% cotton, with a thickness (weight) of 400grs/m² ensuring quick absorption and fast drying.

For originality, you can count on the creativity of Les Toiles Du Soleil, with the exceptional weaving heritage of the Catalan tradition with the PerpignanRue du BacCanet en Roussillon and many other iconic designs. 

This is the first branded maxi towel edition and it is therefore truly unique, do not miss it!

With regard to price, Les Toiles du Soleil has managed to combine a reasonable price range with exceptional quality and branded design.


Design bath towels for the beach 

Our large bath towels can also be used as beach towels.

Their XXL size, their 100% cotton composition, their absorption and quick drying quality make them perfect for your daily excursions to the beach. Dry yourself as soon as you get out of the sea or lay under the sun on the towel’s soft cotton.

Get online at Les Toiles’ e-shop, choose your favorite beach, pool, or bathroom towel and experience the sweet sensation of softness during your holidays and throughout the year.

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